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Throughout the late 1990’s and into the early 2000’s emergency services in Penn Township, as was the trend across America, faced low volunteer numbers, dwindling funds, and rapidly rising cost.  This brought about discussion of ways to streamline and coordinate these services here in the township.  Several small steps were made including the addition of career firefighters, paid ambulance staff, and the elimination of duplicate equipment.  Streamlining emergency responses became more efficient after the creation of a township fire chief.  In late 2005, an official consolidation committee was formed with members from Friendship Fire Company No.1 of Pennville, Parkville Fire Company, and The Penn Township Ambulance Club.  This was not the first committee to look into this however it appeared to have the most support from the organization and the township.  After several months of meetings it was decided that consolidation of emergency services in the township was greatly needed and to be able to continue to ensure excellent coverage and protection to our citizens.  It was also decided that an invitation to all emergency services in the township should be included, with that offers to join the committee were made to the Penn Township Fire Police, as well as the Penn Township SCUBA Team.  The SCUBA team accepted and immediately began active participation with the committee.   In the spring of 2006 the plans were laid out for a new organization and were presented to the membership of all organizations involved.  After several weeks of deliberation and dissection a vote was held with all four companies unanimously approving to move forward with this endeavor.  On June the 1st 2006 the Penn Township Volunteer Emergency Services was officially created and incorporated a few weeks later.  Over the next six months membership of the four organizations worked to complete all needed ground work for the new company.  Bylaws were written, officers were elected, and plans were made.  By the end of December 2006 the new company was ready to officially take over coverage of the Township.  On January 1, 2007 at 0001 hours, Friendship Fire Company No.1 of Pennville, Parkville Fire Company, Penn Township Ambulance Club, and Penn Township SCUBA Team were officially disbanded, all membership, assets, property, and equipment were consolidated into the new organization, leaving only Penn Township Volunteer Emergency Services.


First Elected PTVES Officers

In the early stages of PTVES, the organization operated from the three existing buildings but after careful consideration, evaluation, and research it was decided to construct a new facility that could last our organization many years to come.  A plot of land at 204 Clover Lane was purchased and a construction bid was awarded at a cost of just under 5 million dollars.  Over the next year the new building took shape and was completed in September of 2008.  Throughout the month all existing building were emptied and placed for sale.  The new state-of-the-art emergency services facility was officially dedicated on October 26, 2008, those in attendance were both local and state political officials, neighboring fire company officials, and the Pennsylvania State fire Commissioner.  To this date the former Ambulance station has been sold, however the two old firehouses have not.  Bingo and other fundraisers are still held at the Parkville Station and the Friendship building is used for storage. Both remain for sale.

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Penn Township Volunteer Emergency Services is part of an important network of organizations that provides fire and EMS protection to the citizens of Penn Township, Hanover Borough, and parts of Heidelberg Township.  Other organizations include the Penn Township Department of Fire Rescue (IAFF Local 2045), Penn Township Emergency Services Board (career EMS employees), Penn Township Fire Police, and the Penn Township Office of Emergency Management.  All of these organizations, paid or volunteer, work hard together to provide the best overall service to our community

   Currently Penn Township Volunteer Emergency Services operate three engines, ladder truck, heavy rescue, brush truck, traffic unit, two utility trucks, a service/command vehicle, a duty officer vehicle, two MICUs, and three ambulances.  Through the cooperation of the Hanover Borough Fire department, our ambulances and MICUS are placed strategically throughout town to insure quality service to all the residents of the community.  Also we now house an engine at the Hanover Fire Departments Clearview fire station on George Street on the north side of town to better serve the northern part of the township.

Friendship Fire Company #1

Friendship Fire Company #1 of Pennville Station 48 Volunteer emergency services began in Penn Township on the evening of November 6th, 1913, when a group of concerned citizens met for the purpose of organizing a fire company.  With this common goal, a plot of ground on Westminster Avenue was purchased on November 11th and the …

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Parkville Fire Company

Parkville Fire Company On the south side of the township a group of concerned citizens were also meeting and recognized the need for a second fire company in the community.  On the evening of February 9th, 1922 the Parkville Fire Company was officially formed.  In September of 1922 a plot of land was purchased at …

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Penn Twp. Ambulance Club

Penn Township Ambulance Club  In 1962 the need for an ambulance service in the township was realized, at this time the Penn Township Police Association purchased and 1954 Pontiac ambulance and began providing EMS service to the citizens.  In August of 1967, a group of citizens, in order to increase ambulance service, formed the Penn …

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